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Nowe wykłady w roku 2021/22 (!)

Wykłady Kartezjusz i Descartes      New Kartezjusz and Descartes Lectures.

Seminarium Kartezjusz 2021

Physicist’s perspective on global climate change
dr Aleksandra Kardaś – University of Warsaw

Global climate change is an important and pressing issue for humanity, associated with many controversies in the public discourse. However, it is also an object of interest in science. The talk will cover the current state of the Earth’s climate, based on physical measurements. The mechanism and causes of climate change will be explained from a physicist's point of view.

Economic system and the road to climate catastrophe
dr Maciej Grodzicki – Jagiellonian University

The anthropogenic sources of climate change are strongly rooted in the contemporary social and economic structures, including the prevailing mechanisms of production and consumption. The talk will highlight key properties of current economic system and their actual role for major ecological challenges. In addition, the roads ahead and the required adjustments in the economic system will be briefly demonstrated. The lecture will build upon the findings of the political economy of growth and accumulation, as well as of the complexity economics.

Seminarium Kartezjusz 2020

COVID19 -- between modelling and understanding
key speakers: prof. Tyll Krueger (PWr) and prof. Błażej Miasojedow (UW)
time: 27.11.2020 -- 14:00 till 17:00 [Friday]

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